Tuesday 1 November 2011

e-Book trailers made in city creating waves

The concept of e-book trailers might still be alien to many Indian authors and readers. But the animation studio owned by actor Mohanlal in the city, Vismayas Max, has been cashing in on the trend successfully to earn appreciation from global readers.
After the creation of an e-book trailer for British author and script-writer Joanne Reay’s supernatural trilogy that had won accolades at the London Book Fair in April, Vismayas has come up with a sequel trailer for the next book in the series. While the first one was named ‘Lola’ after the Lo’life trilogy of the author, the new one has been named ‘Hash-tu-stash.’ It is Beautiful Books that is bringing out the trilogy that has already created waves among lovers of supernatural fiction. The trilogy revolves around human beings who are targeted by supernatural beings to usurp their life-span on Earth.
They tempt human beings to trade their unspent life on Earth for a beautiful death. “They are targeted by Tormentas, who guide the humans to their death,” says Deepak Raj, who worked on the storyboard. The creative direction of the second trailer has again been done by K D Shybu, who had led the team in its first effort too.
“They had sent us the background score and the voice-over. We worked on the storyboard and went with the idea of giving an eerie look to it, so that we do not miss out on the supernatural element of the story,” says Jibin Surendran, who helped with the composing.
Vinod Malachira, project coordinator; Kalesh Karunakar, Vismayas comic book specialist; Bipin Krishna and Shibith Kotoor, who gave the background and colour schemes and Praveen M S are the other team members associated with the e-book trailer creation. The trailer is 4 minutes, 22 seconds long.
However, what has put the Team Vismayas on cloud nine is the offer they have received from Ann Aguirre, the US-based best-selling author, who is also known to roll out sci-fi and fantasy novels. If things pan out well, the team might even be doing the pre-production work of a Hollywood movie, the talks for which are currently on.


Romeo Spikes - Hash Tu Stash -e book trailer

Thursday 18 August 2011

Installation art on Chingam 1...!!

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM:  Any animator would agree that playing with personal ideas once in a while amidst the professional work log provides a huge relief. Nirmala Paul Das, an animator with Vismayas Max, actor Mohanlal’s animation studio, used some of her creative moments before the computer to strike upon the idea of an installation artwork that coincides with the concept of Farmers’ Day (Chingam 1). Her installation, named ‘njattuvela’,  was right there on Wednesday at the entrance of Vismayas greeting the New Year of Keralites.
 According to Deepak S Raj, pre-production head, Vismayas Max, installation art is all about three-dimensional work that are often site-specific and designed to transform a viewer’s perception of space. ‘’Here at Vismayas, we have an installation corner. We try to make use of the time beyond our commercial productions to let free our creative satisfaction. ‘Njattuvela’ is the latest to arrive in this genre,’’ he says.
 To Nirmala, who belongs to a family deeply attached to agriculture, the idea of ‘njattuvela’ came naturally. But the best part was that she used real seeds, grew the paddy leaves for the art and then did the installation, which took more than a month. Then she added the accessories for the art like the scarecrow, crane and so on to get the farm feel.
 ‘’It is bringing a wider concept to a miniature form of art. Once the paddy leaves got ready, I painted them with ‘warli’ illustrations and other miniatures, including the scarecrows and other sights of a paddyfield,’’ Nirmala describes her eccentric experiment. She then placed it before the photograph of Masanobu Fukuoka, a Japanese agricultural scientist known for his natural farming techniques. And the installation art, complete with the aesthetics, is now a sight to behold.
 Nirmala adds that she has grown up seeing the fields and watching her grandfather out there. So the idea was close to her heart. A native of Sreekariyam, she has been an animator with Vismayas for the last five years.

Waiting For GODOT'

"NJATTUVELA" -An Installation Art...!!